10 Socially Distanced Activities for the Fall Season

For individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the fall season can be a fun time to try new activities. The following ideas may help your family think outside of the box. If your child is currently enrolled at an autism center such as Circle City ABA, you can work with your therapists on creating a game plan to make the most out of the fall season and the activities it has to offer.

1. Picking Pumpkins at a Pumpkin Patch

Fall is the prime time to pick out pumpkins in your town’s local pumpkin patch! This outdoor activity will give the family fresh air and time to be together.


Engelbrecht's Orchards

16800 Old Petersburg Rd. Evansville, IN


Exploration Acres

6042 Newcastle Road, Lafayette, IN 47905

2. Rake leaves

Teaching your child to rake leaves is both a great gross motor activity and an opportunity for your child to complete a household chore. After a job well done, a few jumps in the pile is a must!

3. Paint and carve pumpkins

Pumpkin carving can promote fine motor skills. Painting is a great choice too! Fine motor activities help strengthen a child’s fingers to encourage pivotal skills such as handwriting, toothbrushing, and eating.

4. Go apple picking

Find a local apple orchard to pick out apples during the fall season. Have your child pick out some apples then do a taste test to choose which apple is his/her favorite. If a trip to an apple orchard is not accessible, we recommend going to the grocery store and picking out different kinds of apples. Use your five senses while trying the different types of apples.

5. Do a fall themed scavenger hunt

Look up different kinds of leaves on the internet. Find a variety to look for and take a walk through a park or the neighborhood to hunt some leaves! Check out our blog for a step by step Fall Scavenger HuntThis activity is fun for the whole family to enjoy!

6. Make hot apple cider

Hot cider is a must have during a cold fall day. Teaching your child how to follow a recipe and grocery shopping for ingredients is a great life skill. The options are endless. Give your child choices to choose from. If they do not like apple cider, try out a hot chocolate recipe instead. As long as you are working together in the kitchen, you are creating a great opportunity for learning and memories!

7. Dip caramel apples

Dipping caramel apples is a sweet treat after family dinner. You can make your own caramel recipe or buy a store bought caramel. Our favorite way to dip caramel apples is to include fun toppings. We recommend to buy sprinkles, chocolate chips, and other fun toppings. Then, put the toppings in their own bowls. Once the apples have been dipped in caramel, you can dip them into the toppings!

8. Do a pumpkin volcano experiment

On a spooky Halloween night, a pumpkin volcano can be a cool trick to scare off the ghouls and goblins. When we have completed this experiment at our autism centers, it has always been well received and asked for year after year. Pumpkin Volcano Experiment

9. Make a corn themed sensory bin

Dry corn is easily accessible during the fall season. Place dried corn in a plastic bin with a few small toys and let your child explore and engage in sensory play. The options are endless with this activity. If you cannot find dry corn, think outside of the box and use dry pasta or rice. Incorporate items your child enjoys so they can have fun during this sensory experience.

10. Play ring toss with pumpkins

Grab your pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and a few glow stick necklaces from the dollar store. Get outside and practice trying to hook the glow sticks around the stem of the pumpkins. This is a fun way to get physical activity outdoors while playing a fun game.

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