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Easy Fall Pumpkin Suncatcher Craft for Kids

Posted by Delaney Francis on Oct 22, 2019 1:02:39 PM


Make this fun fall craft that the whole family can enjoy! We love the idea of trying different colors of tissue paper. Bridges Autism Therapies is a destination where play meets progress for children with autism in Evansville, IN and Lafayette, IN.

Materials Needed:

Tissue paper
Clear contact paper


1. Download the Free Pumpkin Printable here and print out on white paper.

Download Pumpkin Printable

2. Cut around the inside and outside lines of the pumpkin. Cut out eyes and mouth, too.

3. Put the pumpkin on a piece of contact paper.

4. Cut out 1/2 to 1-inch squares of tissue paper in various colors of your choice.

5. Place squares of tissue paper on inside of the pumpkin on top of the contact paper.

6. When step 5 is complete, put a second piece of contact paper on top of the pumpkin.

7. Cut around the pumpkin to remove extra contact paper.

8. Hang your beautiful pumpkin on the window to display!

Download Pumpkin Printable


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