Circle City ABA Fall Scavenger Hunt

Words Circle City ABA Fall Scavenger Hunt with fall leaves and items in background with Circle City ABA icon in right bottom corner

Take a trip outside and complete this fall scavenger hunt that the whole family will enjoy! We love the idea of giving each family member a "job" during the scavenger hunt. Circle City ABA is a destination where play meets progress for children with autism in Evansville, IN and Lafayette, IN.

Items You Will Need:

Scavenger Hunt Printable
Resealable storage bags or paper bags
Poster board or a large sheet of construction paper
Scissors (if needed)
Tape (double stick works best)
Jumbo markers or a sharpie


1. Download the Free Scavenger Hunt Printable here and print it out.

Download Printable

2. Begin your scavenger hunt and collect the items on the list.

3. Put all collected items in a resealable plastic bag or paper bag.

4. When you arrive back at home, lay out all of the items on a table.

5. Place items from the scavenger hunt onto the poster board. Parents, you may write out where each item should go or your children can help with this, too!

6. When step 5 is complete, tape all items in place.

7. Step back and admire your hard work!

8. Take a picture and share it with @CircleCityABA on Facebook and Instagram.

About: Circle City ABA is a state of the art autism center in Evansville, Indiana and Lafayette, Indiana. Specializing in applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for children with autism and related conditions. Circle City ABA is a destination where play meets progress. Programs are designed with each child in mind. The journey begins at initial assessment from our qualified team. Several Hoosier's in the Evansville and Lafayette area are already loving Circle City ABA. Learn more at

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