Footprint Snowman Craft for Kids

Text: Footprint Snowman Craft for Kids with white text and blue background. Right hand side is picture of snowman craft with white footprint decorated as a snowman on a lime green background.

Embrace your creative side with this easy Footprint Snowman Craft. Tis' the season to be jolly! This craft is a fun gift idea. Similar to our pumpkin sun catcher craft, this craft uses materials you most likely have on hand. 

Materials Needed:

Blue construction paper or card stock
Various colors of paint and markers
Glue stick or stapler
Optional: Snowflake stickers, pipe cleaners, and any other holiday adornment


1. Place a fair amount of white paint on paper plate. You will want enough to cover your child's entire foot. Help child place their foot on plate.

2. Press child's foot on blue construction paper as you would a stamp. Slowly remove to ensure pain does not smudge. It may take a few tries to get it right.

3. Wait patiently for paint to dry and rinse off your child's feet.

4. Once dry, let your child decorate the snowman as they wish. You can use markers or paint to fill in the rest of the snowman's face. This is also a great moment to review the body parts of the snowman's face.

5. Talk with your child about the craft. What did they enjoy? What parts were challenging? Ask them who they may want to gift the craft to this holiday season.


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