Fun Thanksgiving Hand Wreath Craft for Kids

Orange background on left side with white text reading "fun thanksgiving hand wreath for kids." Thanksgiving wreath made of traced hands with construction paper of various colors.

Say goodbye to handprint turkeys with this fun and festive Thanksgiving craft. Welcome the season of giving with beautiful DIY wreath. Pair this craft with a lesson on what your child is thankful for by downloading our free printable.

Similar to our pumpkin sun catcher craft, this wreath uses materials you most likely have on hand. Encourage your kiddo to take the lead on this craft. The sky is the limit!

Materials Needed:

Several sheets of felt, construction paper or card stock in a variety of fall colors
Kids’ Scissors
Glue stick or stapler
Optional: Leaves, stickers, and any fall trinkets of your choice


1. Download our Thankful Printable to complete alongside the craft.

Download Thankful Printable

2. Trace hand on the paper of your choice using a writing utensil.

3. Cut out handprints with scissors.

4. Repeat until you have enough hands to create your wreath. Smaller hands will need more handprints. Plan to cut out between 10-20 handprints.

5. Let your child choose how they would like the wreath to look.

6. Once in place, glue or staple each handprint together.

7. Ask your child what they are thankful for this holiday season. Help them write these words on their wreaths.

8. BONUS: Tie a ribbon to the top of the wreath, add stickers, acorns, or buttons! The options are endless.

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Download Thankful Printable