P is for Pandemic: 4 P’s for Back to School

It’s no surprise that back to school will look differently this year. Whether you’re planning to send your children back to school in-person or preparing for another round of virtual learning, here are four things to consider.

1. Prepare

If the plan is virtual learning, set up a place in your home that is dedicated to school. This will help separate school time from home and play time.

Create a simple daily schedule. Mapping out consistent times to begin and end the school day, lunch, and breaks will help children form a routine. A visual schedule may be helpful for younger children.

Mentally prepare yourself! It’s likely that plans may change for both distance and in-person learning. If you’re prepared to be flexible, you’re already a step ahead.

2. Practice

If you’re returning to school, have your child practice wearing a mask and social distancing. Pair wearing a mask with fun activities. If the child is wearing the mask, allow the activity to continue. If the mask is removed during your designated practice time, stop the activity.

3. Patience

With school personnel:

This is an unprecedented situation, and everyone is learning. Teachers and staff are continuously working with the information they are given to do what they feel is best for all students.

With your student:

This school year is likely to be a big adjustment for students, as well as educators and parents. Allow students time to settle into a new routine while they establish a new normal.

With yourself:

It’s okay if you don’t crush virtual learning every day! Or, if sending your children back to school doesn’t work out how you expected, that's okay too. Do your best and try again tomorrow.

4. Positivity

Your attitude as a parent will set the tone for your child. If you speak positively about virtual learning or returning to school in person within the walls of your home, your child is likely to think positive thoughts. Positive thoughts and actions can remain consistent, whatever the school year may bring.