Why You Should Start Planning for Summer and Fall Early


Spring is in here and now is the time to begin planning for Summer and Fall for our amazing kids. This time of year brings new beginnings and we believe in smooth, well-thought out transitions and scheduling to gain the highest level of momentum and learning for each child.

Our professional staff work with families, physicians, and educators to create individualized treatment plans to prepare for summer and fall. This planning begins in March and should be in process to be ready for May when schools end for break.

If your child is already receiving ABA Therapy, a meeting for schedule changes and skill building is critical to avoid regression through the summer months. We work diligently to prepare each child for success in the Fall if they are entering or returning to school. Even if our children are not quite ready for school, we work to develop the highest level of independence and quality of living in: communication, behavior, daily living skills, and social skills.

At times, the insurance process may require 30-45 days to complete to begin services, so preparing now will allow children to have scheduled therapy with no gaps in learning opportunities. Each day is important to build the foundation needed for appropriate transitions.

Where to begin?

Call for a tour or an appointment to speak with our intake coordinators and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA). Our team will work through each step with your family and answer any questions you may have. Once insurance is verified, an assessment will be approved through your insurance provider and this appointment will be scheduled with your assigned BCBA and child.

The BCBA will then interview the family who are the experts on their child and work with the child to identify areas of strengths and deficits. An individual treatment plan and authorization package will be created and submitted for approval to insurance. As soon as the final authorization is received, services may begin immediately.

What do we offer our families?

Families are required to join our BCBAs every month for a meeting to review progress, new goals, answer questions, observe treatment, receive education, and work as a team in the best interest of the child.

Bridges Autism Therapies offers events through the year for the whole family to enjoy such as: Spring Flings, Winter Carnivals, and celebrations for our families, staff and community.

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